What “Shichiseiken” means to our history


We, IISIA, has engaged in social contribution project since our foundation and implemented donation to Shimanto city in Kochi Prefecture for research to specify the time to be made about “Shichiseiken” as one of projects.

This time, the overview of “Shichiseiken” is explained and how this is related with regional revitalization.

“Shichiseiken” was designed with big Dipper Seven Stars based on Taoism.

Big Dipper Seven Stars signifies the protection of Polaris, and royal people at high level used to have it for ritual in the past.

(Source:Shimanto city HP)

It has been difficult to specify the time to be made, despite that “Shichiseiken” has been investigated by the historical science society team of Shimanto-city and Junior Chamber.

For this reason, “Shichiseiken” is not exhibited at a moment, due to the difficulty to explain and the lack of evidence to explain.

Other three swords are preserved at different places, such “ōtera Shokurain” in Nara, horyuji Temple in Kyoto, and The Shitennouji in Osaka.

“Shichiseiken” is the fourth sword and preserved at Ikku temple in Shimanto-city, which can pave the new way for next history, depending on the coming result of ongoing investigation.

Our team of IISIA visited the first meeting of this project on 25th of November. There are a lot more to go and this ongoing project is expected to help Shimanto city to invite more visitors both domestically and internationally.

We donated for this research project and surely will contribute more for regional revitalization through this project.