Why does water matter


“The earth is blue” is known as a phase the pilot from the Soviet Union stated when he watched the earth from universe.

Available water for human being does not exist as much as it is recognized in general. As a matter of fact, only 2.5 percent of water is water for use, which is called “Fresh water”.

Despite the above fact, the perception that water is resources does not seem to be known well in our Japanese society since water is abundant in Japan.

Water is literally one of critical resources and has played an important role in political game.

The structure of water molecular structure will be changed, which can possibly have an impact on water and oxygen according to our own undisclosed information analysis.

World water council consists of various actors from various categories and is expected to play an important role over water area globally.

Next time, we will critically look into the shadow whcih international corporation over water issue casts.