Innovation and PAX JAPONICA


When I was a child, “MADE IN JAPAN” represented the highest quality and the cutting-edge technology. Well-known Japanese brands enjoyed good reputations not only in Asia but also in the world market.

However, in recent years Japan’s ability for technological innovation is being doubted.

You can hardly find an enterprise that can fight against GAFA or conduct the industrial revolution.

It seems that the United States and China have become the leading nations of innovation.

What is the reason for the situation?

Why Japan can not create brilliant technology any more?

What should Japan do for the next step?

In the Session 3 of YOUTUBE program “Let‘stalk about PAX JAPONICA” Mr. TAKEO HARADA and I will do in-depth analysis and try to find answers for these problems.

Don’tsmiss the program (broadcast from Wednesday) and share your opinions with us at anytime!