Innovation and PAX JAPONICA(PART II)


Last time in session 2 of the series program we talked about the subject:

Is Japan really an innovative nation?

In Session 3 , MR.TAKEO HARADA shares his views frankly: “Compare with the rapid and tremendous growth of American and Chinese enterprises, Japan don’t have the GAFA-type of enterprises”.

That’s true.

In the past decades, Chinese internet and software firms are getting huger and huger, and will soon challenge the United States as the world’s preeminent international technological competitor.

You must have ever heard these names: Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, TikTok etc.

What’s the reason for the extraordinary development for Chinese IT enterprises?

An interesting phenomenon is that many of the Chinese high technology companies are based in SHENZHEN. A city which offers favorable tax policies for startups.

“In Japan, big companies enjoy the protection from government and they will never bankrupt. The startups can hardly get investment even they have brilliant technology.


Is the strong support from government the most important reason for innovation? Actually what is happening in Japan is the leading case for the entire Asia.

Watch the program to find the more interesting views and deep thoughts.

(1) Is Japan really a “innovative” nation? (Series “Let’s Talk about Pax Japonica Together”. Session 3) – YouTube