The implication of destructing a major Ukrainian dam over water issue


A strategically important dam in Russian-occupied southern Ukraine was blown up on Tuesday, raising fears about safety, water supply and Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, which receives cooling water from the reservoir upstream.

Looking back to the WWII, the destruction of a dam was seen through the war between nations.

Every attack related to the the destruction of dam was tragic. However, what the most impartant is the fact that the impact on human was much bigger than we expected.

“Systematic approach” can explain the reason why water has a lot of influence on human. It signifies various approaches towards SDGs and often mentioned in several conferences, such as World Water Council and some forums at the headquarter of United Nations.

“Systematic approach” is often used in the context of water because of its value over every target implemented by SDGs. For exmaple, an improvement of water can lead to an improvement of food and poverty reduction.

Despite of the above fact, water is not highly valued in Japan because we have many accesses to drinking water on daily basis compared to other states

The Ukraine War is very sad to be reported. But the value of water and its risk to endanger human will hopefully be reported as well.