The Grand Challenges that Human being is facing


What is Grand Challenges?

Grand Challenges are key global issues and social problems which the international community is searching promising solutions to improve.

Let’s see some typical examples of them.

Global warming

Scientists attribute global warming is caused mainly by greenhouse gases, which are emitted primarily by human being activities. Global warming leads to an increase in the temperature of the oceans and the Earth’s surface causing the breaking and melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, rising sea levels and changing wind direction leading to extreme weather such as flash floods, snowfall or excessive desertification…

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The planet’s population is reaching unsustainable levels, which has led us to face a shortage of resources such as water, fuel, and food. Overpopulation in underdeveloped and developing countries is straining already scarce resources.

Climate change

In recent years, the phrase “Climate Change” has paid much attention. It happens as a result of an increase in Global Warming. Climate Change in recent years has become a very difficult problem that needs to be overcome. It has various adverse impacts on nature and society such as the melting of polar ice, changing seasons, the emergence of new diseases, floods, frequent droughts and changes in weather patterns…

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Malnourishment & Hunger
Currently there are 795 millions people who do not have enough to eat. Long-term success to ending world hunger starts with ending poverty. With fighting poverty through proper training for employment, education and the teaching of cooking and gardening skills, people suffering will be more likely to get jobs, earn enough money to buy food and even learn how to make their own food to save money.

The need for change in our daily lives and many do not think that what they do will affect future generations. If humans continue to move forward in such a harmful way, then there is no future to consider.

Next time we will talk about what are the tendencies in global society to solving these problems and how Japan will taking a leading role in facing grand challenges.