Pacifism : How to produce the new “peaceful” world order initiated by Japan  ―Session 2 of “Let’s talk about PAXJAPONICA” has been launched !


“Is Japan really a nation of pacifism?
What is the repeated cause of war?

What is the difference of pacifism in Japan and China?
Where will the next technological revolution take place?
How to produce the eternal peaceful world order?”

Have you ever thought about the topics above? Recently the war broke out in Ukraine makes people think about the meaning of pacifism again.

In session 2 of the series YouTube program “Let’s Talk about Pax Japonica Together”,

we try to feature how to realize the eternal peace as the cutting-edge point of the emerging world order called “Pax Japonica”, beyond the conventional concept of “pacifism” written in the Japanese constitution after the WWII.

“At the dawn of the upcoming era, Japan, the country of “rising sun”, is abruptly about shine brightly again. It’s the “Pax Japonica” that really matters.” (Takeo Harada)

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