Japanese and the“Japanese Brain”


Language is the basis of communication for the human race.

When it comes to the most global language in the world, nobody will doubt that English has the largest number of users in the world. In Shanghai, children start learning English from the stage of kindergarten or even earlier, most parents believe that speaking fluent English will be a great advantage in finding a good job. In Japan, the situation is almost the same, everyone believe that English language plays a major role in the progress of Globalization.

Actually in recent years, learning Japanese is becoming a trend in many countries.

According to the Japan foundation’s survey on Japanese-language education institutions in 2019, the number of Japanese language learner in China exceeded 1 million, reaching about 1.04 million. Definitely animation and manga have inspired many people to learn about Japanese culture and language. 

This popularity can be also found in western countries. The famous Ukraine actress Mila Jovovich, best known for the film”Resident Evil” and her 14-years old daughter Eva Anderson recently posted a Japanese speaking video on her Instagram.

In the video the she spoke Japanese so fluently and native.

Why more and more people started learning Japanese?

What’s the difference between Japanese and other language?

Japanese speakers have a different thinking pattern from other language speakers?

What is so-called Japanese brain?

In the Session 5 of YOUTUBE program “Let’stalk about PAX JAPONICA”, Mr. TAKEO HARADA and I will do in-depth analysis and try to find answers for these problems.

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