Japan as the hotspot of world-class YouTuber?


(Photo from the YouTube program of PewDiePie.)

During the pandemic of COVID-19,people’s daily life has been tremendously changed by lock down and remote work style. Thanks to the popularity of social media and the hyper visibility of YouTubers, a YouTube career has become more lucrative than a traditional one.

According to a recent survey, becoming a YouTuber has been chosen as the most desirable career for children when they grow up.

In this context you may be curious about who is the most popular and highest-earning YouTube content creator in the world now?

The answer is PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTube content creator, online personality and comedian who now has more than 100 million followers all over the world. He rose to fame largely due to his “Let’s Play” videos and gaming commentary which contributed to his popularity both on and outside of YouTube.

The “king” of YouTuber recently made a big decision―officially move to Japan! This is really a surprising news for all his Japanese followers.

Actually in 2019, PewDiePie purchased a home in Japan. He had previously talked to his YouTube fans about how much he loves Japan and that he would like to live there. After long time preparation and renting a private jet to bring his dog, he finally arrived in Japan and started brand new life with his family.

In the latest YouTube PewDiePie shared why he choose to move to Japan frankly:” After 3 long years I am finally here! I don’t want to glorify that everything is perfect here, but we really like here and hope to have different experience.”

He is not a rear case, there is a tendency that more and more people are planning to permanently migrate to Japan.

What’s the reason behind this phenomenon?

Are there any relationship between PAX JAPONICA and this tendency?

In the Session 6 of YOUTUBE program “Let’stalk about PAX JAPONICA”, Mr. TAKEO HARADA and I will do in-depth analysis and try to find answers for these problems.

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