Japan as the hotspot of world-class YouTuber?(Part 2)


In session 6 of series program “Let‘s talk about PAX JAPONICA” we talked about the latest news that the world top-class YouTube contents creator PewDiePie officially move the Japan last week.

That is really a surprising news because as we all know it is not an easy process to gain all the necessary documents during the pandemic. PewDiePie finally overcome all the difficulties and flew out of the United Kingdom on a private jet valued almost US$80,000, because their pet pug, was a few kilograms overweight from the standard airline maximum weight.

People are so curious about his decision and he explained the reason frankly in his videos:

“We’re here mainly because we really enjoy it here, we feel really comfortable here.”

That sounds quite reasonable but is it the only reason for the relocation?

“What do you think is the reason for his migration?” I asked Mr.HARADA.

“Actually there are three kinds of people who come to Japan. The first kind is tourist. They can not speak Japanese and everything is fresh for them. The second kind is people who have skills and technologies, such as IT related careers, they come to Japan for a living. The third type is the most special one, they have a deep understanding in Japanese culture and they have a Japanese spirit.”

That is a quite interesting point of view, PewDiePie is no doubt the third kind.

“Of course it’s not the only reason, as a game streamer Japan is a good place for his further career development because of the prosperous game and animation industries here.” Said Mr. HARADA.

As the most well-known YouTuber in the world, his choice will definitely have huge impacts on millions of people all over the world. We are looking forward to see that the supporters  of PAX JAPONICA from international community increase significantly in the future.

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