Donation for the development of historical city―Shimanto City in Kouchi prefecture


Have you ever visited Shimanto city before the pandemic of COVID-19?

Shimanto city is a city in southweatern Kochi Prefecture, encompasses much of the 196-kilometer-long Shimanto River, which is considered the most pristine, unspoiled river in Japan.

Mr. HARADA TAKEO, former Japanese diplomat and CEO of Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. attended the ceremony of the study for era determination of SEVEN-START SWORD on 30th May.

SEVEN-START SWORD is an ancient sword found in Shimanto City with the design of the big dipper seven stars based on Chinese Taoism thought. To support the research for era determination of SEVEN-START SWORD, IISIA・RIJAG has provided a donation of 10000000 yen to Shimato City.

This activity has great historical value and will clarify the cultural connection between Shimonto city and KYOTO. Also the study will  promote local revitalization and attract attention from Japan and abroad.

On the ceremony Mr.HARADA gave a speech:“We hope that today‘s donation will help to clarifying one of the most important issues in Japanese history, and contribute to regional revitalization of the Shimanto river basin, which has such rich natural environment and culture .”

Donation for the development of local city is an important part of IISIA・RIJAG‘s social contribution achievement that aims at achieving the SDGs goals( Goal8:Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure,Goal11 :Sustainable Cities and Communities ) and the realization of PAX JAPONICA.

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