Why Japan is a country with high level of well-being?


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About 30 years have passed since the early 1990s, when the asset price bubble collaspsed in Japan. During this period the economic growth rated remain low and deflation became a problem.These two decades are sometimes called Japan’s ”lost two decades”.

However, despite the long-time economic depression, Japan still maintains a high level of well-being. In Session10 we will try to find the reasons behind it.

1.It is safer than other nations

By looking at the statistics, you’ll notice that the nation’s crime rate is quite low. It is hightly possible that you won’t come across any unpleasant situations or dangerous areas while living there.

2.Extremely clean environment

 Japanese people are quite disciplined, which means that they recycle their trash, they take care of their streets, and you’ll never see them disposing of their trash in the wrong way.

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3.Excellent hospitality

In Japan it is easy to enjoy high level services in hotels, restaurants and all kinds of business facilities.Even for foreigner who can not speak Japanese at all professional and considerate services can be enjoyed with reasonable prices.

4.High employment rates

When compared to other nations, it will probably be extremely easy for you to find a job in Japan. Especially the talents with IT , innovative technologies and language skills are welcomed by various companies and industries.

Are there any other reason for the high level of wellbeing?

Is this phenomenon related to Pax Japonica?

In the Session 10 of YOUTUBE program “Why Japan is a country with high level of well-being”, Miss.Nakano and I will do in-depth analysis and try to find answers for this problem.

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