Japan’s roadmap to tackle the challenge of Climate Change


■Climate Change in Japan

Summer arrived much earlier than usual in Japan this year.

The rainy season that marks the transition between spring and summer abruptly ended and heralded an unprecedented heatwave.

Significant change of temperature since 2000’s.

The nationwide average temperature has risen by 1.26 degrees Celsius over the last 100 years. In Tokyo, that figure is 2.4 degrees Celsius. Japan seldom had temperatures in the 40 degrees Celsius until recently.

Photo from:https://www3.nhk.or.jp/

The last time Japan experienced record-shattering heat is in 2018, more than 90,000 people were taken to hospitals with heat-related illnesses.

The heat warmed the ocean and triggered Typhoon Jebi, which made landfall in western Japan in September. It was the strongest typhoon to strike the country in 25 years.

This situation is happening all over the world

■Why Climate Change has become a global issue?

With the remarkable expansion in sphere and scale of human activities, global environmental problems such as Climate Change and the loss of biological diversity have been considered as a threat to the earth and mankind.

These problems cannot be coped with by a single country.

They require a joint, cross-border approach by the international community.

Global environmental problems are closely related to human activities such as economic ones, and countries often have different views on how they should cope and how far they should go.

Various conventions and frameworks have been created, and international efforts have continued, to overcome such differences among countries and address the common international challenges to the conservation of the global environment and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Photo from: FIDIC.org

■How Japan will meet this challenge?

Japan regards global environmental issues as one of the important areas of its diplomacy and is actively dealing with them by making a wide range of proposals based on its own experiences in the international community.

What is Japan’s roadmap to track the challenge of Climate Change?

What is the relationship between Climate Change policy and

Pax Japonica?

Next time we will do an in-depth analysis and try to find answers for these problems.