Self-Medication Theory Over Social Contribution


On 22th of September, we met with Noboru Hirosue, Part-time instructor, Kurume University, specializing in criminal sociology. He has conducted extensive interviews and surveys of yakuza and others connected with organized crime groups in Japan. Author of Yakuza ni naru riyū (Why People Become Yakuza) and other works.

For his dedicated work, we invited him as lecturer of our project, “Compassion for Social Inclusion” on November.

Some researches show that there is correlation between family and their children behavior.

For example, a child will escape form the pain which he received within his family, such as divorce and new partners to parents. The place he or she escape negatively influence him or her, which makes it difficult to return to the original place in a Japanese society.

(Source: Using the theory of planned behavior to predict self-medication with over-the-counter analgesics)

This can be explained by Self-Medication Theory and a part of problems which remains to be discussed over social inclusion in Japan.

We will enforce our project, “Compassion for Social Inclusion” in order to give a chance to discuss the above with our clients.

Please support if there is any to agree with our activities.

Social Contribution Project, Shugo Iwasaki