Participation in COP28


The climate Conference of the Parties(COP) 28 concluded after two intense weeks of negotiations. In this COP, the urgent need to shift to renewable energy was smothered in flowery and ambiguous language of “phasing down”, “as soon as possible”. What did the conference mean for water and climate change and how was like at the place where COP 28 tool place? I would like to report starting from the brief of history of COP below.

COP itself was to stabilize global greenhouse gas and started from United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil in 1992. COP takes place annually afterwards.

Through the above history, COP28 took place in UAE Dubai based on Paris agreement. The place was Expo City Dubai, which is about an hour by train from city. There are two area, main halls and pavilion. Japan had pavilion there in order to exhibit Japanese advanced technology related with decarbonization to participants from oversea.

The outside of conference hall, demonstration was conducted by member from developing countries and certain groups to express political message towards COP28, while COP28 president was giving speech to the delegations in the conference hall, which was literary a moment that the current high levels negotiation over climate change divides all countries.

As we, IISIA conducts social contribution projects in accordance with SDGs, we participated in Day 10 which focuses on “Water” and exploded partnership to solve global agenda, which is called “Pax Japonica”.

Finally, COP28 president admired our activities and we will work on more to realize our vision “Pax Japonica”.

Special Envoy for Collaboration with the United Nations