Japan’s role in water manegment through Typhoon


Typhoon approaches to Japan in every summer, which imposes catastrophic damages on the land. Therefore, Typhoon is a major issue for Japan to solve, as many researches have been investigated so far, including statistical analysis, such as their temporal evolution, active hours, intensity, frequency, size, duration, and translation speed.

According to the research, the typhoons recently took relatively less time to reach Japan and remained active for shorter time over the land.

(Source: Statistical analysis of the characteristics of typhoons approaching Japan from 2006 to 2019)

Some research, for example, attempt to identify Typhoon before landing to Japan, while some attempt to minimize the size of Typhoon during early stage (https://onl.la/CFmSgMB ). These attempts are quite important in order to signify the model towards the other areas, such as Southeast Asia, since states in such area have suffered for long time by Typhoon.

The 10th World Water Forum will take place in Indonesia in 2024 and its preparation has now been under way. According to the announcement made by World Water Council, the forum is projected to take place for all member states to exchange their views and knowledge. Typhoon is surely one of the issues we all need to solve, due to not only the impact of our properties including water resources.

This 10th forum will be meaningful in that sense that Japan can put some technology to the world and RIJAG will engage in this activity as a member of World Water Council.