IISIA CEO Takeo HARADA released his first book in 7 years 『図解でわかる!2030年未来予想図』


IISIA: Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. CEO Takeo HARADA supervised the book 『図解でわかる!2030年未来予想図』 in which has started pre-order sales on Amazon on 22nd March 2023. The book will be published at bookstores on 27th March 2023.

The book starts with Introduction, which includes IISIA CEO Takeo HARADA’s messages and explains the future prediction of Japan in 2030 from four perspectives of “Economy”, “Technology/Data”, “Medical/Population”, and “Environment” with figures and maps.

Japan is often considered as “a developed country facing challenges”, however, Japan will develop its domestic industries and have a great influence on population, products, money, and information in the future. This book is inevitable for whoever wants to take another step in employment, investment, and launching a new project.


The First Chapter Economy
・The birth of the tallest building in Japan in 2027
・The change oh the big cities that attract the world (Shibuya/Sapporo/Osaka/Nagoya re-development)
・”The facility that gather millions of customers” in Toyosu market
・A dream trip to the space will be realistic!? Spacecraft Neptune

The Second Chapter Technology / Data
・The developing technology! The world of 6G/7G
・”Automatic Vehicles” will run in daily life!?
・”The flying cars” will be the new transportation!?
・The new technology that solutes food loss 3D food printer

The Third Chapter Medical / Population
・“Photoimmunotherapy” will attack cancer cells!
・”Artificial blood” will solute the lack of blood transfusion

“Teeth-grow medicine” that works for from congenital diseases to tooth decay

・The solution to excessive salt intake? “Ereki-salt” bawl and spoon

The Fourth Chapter Environment

・The next generation of plastics “Neoryza”
・The new wooden Architecture in Decarbonized societies
・”3D printer house” that is not bound by existing forms
・Development of “Ammonia Fueled Vessel“

【The book information】

Book name: 図解でわかる!2030年未来予想図(宝島社刊)

Amazon pre-order URL:https://amzn.to/3JUMI43

The starting date of the pre-order sales on web bookstores: 22nd March 2023

The starting date of the official sales: 27th March 2023

※Note that IISIA will hold a Publication Commemorative seminar as a part of “the seminar to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the registration of the company’s establishment” on 22nd April 2023 at Jiji Pres hall (Tokyo Ginza). The book with IISIA CEO Takeo HARADA’s autograph will be sold. Check the details from the URL below.