Briefing of the General Assembly on Science-based Evidence in support of Sustainable Solutions


We attended the meeting entitled “Briefing of the General Assembly on Science-based Evidence in support of Sustainable Solutions” on 7th of February at Trusteeship Council Chamber, United Nations Headquarters.

This meeting focuses on SDGs related to water resources, peace building, and preparedness for next pandemic.

Water problem was mainly discussed due to the fact that the crisis of global water will endanger all the SDGs.

The first session of the meeting was “Economics of Water”.

The global water cycle to be managed as a global common good and safeguarded through effective multilateralism was critically assessed in this session.

The second session was “Shared Waters: Climate, Conflict, and Cooperation”.

Both water science and water diplomacy were discussed in this session in order to ensure that needs of the people and ecosystems that rely on this critical resource are met effectively.

The third session was “The Challenges and Opportunities in Creating an Early Warning System for Global Pandemics”.

In this session, the design of early warning systems that improve expand logistics of data, democratization of AI tools, and creation of data-driven policies informed by science, which

can capitalize on new technological developments and create a platform for better management of future disease outbreaks.

To sum up, how we can create incentives for corporation will be a key factor to solve Grand Challenge. Science and technology will play important role within the process as well.

To participate in creating global scheme, RIJAG will be working on more deeply in the future too.